Transform your shape in 7 easy steps!

October 6, 2014 evofit_admin

1- If you don’t snooze – You wont lose ……the majority of people just aren’t getting enough shut eye. One of the most important things to get right to aid weight loss and muscular development is ensuring you get enough sleep its where your body repairs and recovers. Feeling tired? As your body becomes fatigued and reduces its efficiency at burning fat you wont be seeing the best results from training.

2- Great posture is an immediate way to improve greatly the way you look AND your shape…. top tip …. stand up or sit up straight and draw belly button in – this will immediately add height and actually remove weight from your appearance. Pulling shoulder blades down and back will not only make your bust (sorry boys) have a couple inches lift but will increase your confidence and leave you feeling energised.

3- You don’t need a gym membership to exercise, 20 mins a day can help you lose weight and inches – we will be starting a walking/running club soon free of charge for anyone who feels they would like to get out in the fresh air and blow the cobwebs away – walking can increase metabolism and circulation in a short period of time. Contact for more info

4- Before resting your weary head at night take 3-5 minutes to stretch tired achy muscles, hip flexors ( front of hips) hamstrings, chest and neck. tight muscles can effect how you look and feel. Stretching will encourage lovely long lean muscles AND improve the quality of your sleep.

5- Drink yourself slim – if you are dehydrated it will actively encourage water retention and subsequently results in bloating which can leave you feeling lethargic, puffy and swollen. Ensure you are drinking plenty of filtered water steadily throughout the day ( no fizzy, alcoholic or caffeine filled drinks)

6- take 5 minutes out of your day, away from work, home, kids etc to allow you to clear the cobwebs and press the reset button. Go for a walk or just take 5 to sit in a quiet corner close your eyes and think happy!

7- There is nothing fishy about this one. Increasing your intake of omega 3 is a quick way of looking and feeling amazing, great for hair, skin, energy and just about every function of our bodies its a natural anti-inflammatory that will help remove unwanted weight and leave you feeling full of vitality.