Mind over matter!?

July 26, 2016 evofit_admin

Mind over matter!

After years of bad life choices and yo yo dieting my body kind of just said “I give up”! I had suffered depression and low mood for many years and it had gradually escalated into anxiety and panic disorders. I was diagnosed with mental health issues in 2013 not long after having my third child. I remember calling my husband and trying to say the words ” mental health issues” …. Thinking he would love me less or leave, but he didn’t his reply was phenomenal, “it’s mental health issues that’s all you’re not mental” that’s when everything changed, if the person who knew me best could still love me after that diagnosis anyone could and if they didn’t then do you know what that was their loss. I set about making changes and trying to rebuild the person I used to be and find different layers of myself I had forgotten about. I didn’t want to fix myself anymore I knew I needed to just become the person I was actually meant to be, not reinvent myself just grow myself ….

I decided by looking at cutting out the processed foods, working out and spending quality time with my family as a whole and individually too. The change after just 4 weeks was unreal, the foods were making me feel like I was absorbing every single nutrient, like my mind, body and soul were working totally in sync with one another. Fitness was the biggest challenge I had, I always said ” I used to run for county and district” or ” I do loads of DVDs at home ” yes I did ……. 10-15 years prior……. As an early 20 something year old with no commitments, children, husband or high pressured job. Little did I know what would happen by just asking for help….

I was offered an exercise referral by the gps but didn’t take it and just signed up to a local gym. I loved it. I told myself if I can do this for a month then my habits will of changed, and they did …. Massively, I fell in love with being obsessed with fitness and 3 years on I’m now qualified to run various fitness sessions, Elite personal trainer, studying to become a GP referral specialist and Obesity and diabetics specialist practitioner and also in training to become a freelance tutor and assessor for others coming through into the fabulous world of fitness! I really am glad I spoke out to those who love me and went to get advice and some fantastic support because I can honestly say if I had of waited another day I dont think I would of had the courage to go.

If you are sat reading this and can relate the best advice I can give is speak to someone and see for yourself where looking after your body, mind AND soul can take you !! It’s a beautiful journey that’s all I can promise ! Sarah xxx