Mind over matter

May 28, 2018 evofit_admin

Sometimes we just need to ignore the negative voices, and praise ourselves for who we are , who’s stood there looking back at us in the mirror. Stop comparing you and your life to others, start looking at what you DO have and not what you DONT.
Think about all of the great things you have done this week, this month, this year….. in your whole life up until now.

The mind is a wonderful thing if you truly know how to use it, if you don’t it can become your own personal torture chamber…. where only you can see what’s going on inside.

Our brains and the way we think or act are just habits, a programme we have designed with the help of negative relationships, the news, magazine articles, social media the list goes on. We can however retrain ourselves and forget the normality of negativity we are so used to.

We need to make lists of all of our amazing qualities,praise ourselves, learn a new hobby, set a new challenge, enrol on a new course whether for education or for self growth.
Spend time with your family, if you have children set aside 10 minutes a day to spend with each individually the reward of just 10 minutes will be unreal, it will benefit your children as well as yourself, they may actually find something out about you that even you had forgotten. We are so stuck in a world of social media and computer games we have as a nation forgotten how to communicate with those we love, go back to basics and have days, or even weeks where social media and computers or gaming isn’t allowed, you’ll be surprised how much fun you have and also how much closer you will be as a family unit.

Make your beds, open your curtains, shower before everyone gets up and no matter what don’t snooze the alarm !
Do you work from home or in an office ? Go get some fresh air for 15-30 minutes a day, take in the fresh air, appreciate your surroundings and leave your phone behind- interact with your environment and see what’s new out there.

Finally surround yourself with wonderful, positive people, compliment people you see or meet, buy someone you don’t know a coffee, take some gifts to your local children’s wards like crayons and colouring in books or some book shops your children have loved reading but have outgrown….. if you don’t make a change…. change will make you ❣️