So it’s fast approaching the festive season, works parties, family get together and nights out with friends! All you can eat buffets, happy hour and continuing to party on  “after hours ” takes its toll on your otherwise healthy routine. Your clothes feel like you’ve shrunk them in the wash, your skin looks like you’ve
Mind over matter! After years of bad life choices and yo yo dieting my body kind of just said “I give up”! I had suffered depression and low mood for many years and it had gradually escalated into anxiety and panic disorders. I was diagnosed with mental health issues in 2013 not long after having
Nutrition – please try me ….. recipe
MANGO COCONUT AND LIME SMOOTHIE 1 mango 1/4 can coconut milk 250-500ml almond milk (unsweetened) 1 lime remove skin from the mango and take flesh off of the stone. Pop in blender with coconut milk and almond milk slice lime in half and squeeze one half’s juice into blender. blend and add more lime from
Evolution Fitness-a little bit about how we got started!
Sarah’s story ( owner at Evolution Fitness) After years of battling with my own weight and fitness levels I decided to do something about it……. Little did I know what the outcome would be and what an amazing journey its been. Having lost over 7 stone and 5 dress sizes I felt my fitness level
Transform your shape in 7 easy steps!
1- If you don’t snooze – You wont lose ……the majority of people just aren’t getting enough shut eye. One of the most important things to get right to aid weight loss and muscular development is ensuring you get enough sleep its where your body repairs and recovers. Feeling tired? As your body becomes fatigued
Lifting libidos ( and kettlebells)…… 9 foods to boost your libido
Dark Chocolate  – contains the chemical phenylethylamine, which is an endorphin. Its the same chemical released during exercise and boosts sex drive. Watermelon – actually contains a unique chemical that increases nitric oxide, this dilates your blood vessels and increases blood flow, which is highly important for the libido.  Celery – this causes increase in
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