Evolution Fitness-a little bit about how we got started!

Sarah’s story ( owner at Evolution Fitness)

After years of battling with my own weight and fitness levels I decided to do something about it……. Little did I know what the outcome would be and what an amazing journey its been.

Having lost over 7 stone and 5 dress sizes I felt my fitness level had never increased other than the occasional running sessions, and decided this would be my next chapter in ensuring my three children and husband had their mother/wife around for years to come.

As time went on I realised that increasing my fitness level was not only making me healthier inside and out but was also helping in improving my confidence, posture, energy levels and most importantly removing the low times I was feeling on a regular basis. I could not remember the last time I felt this positive and believed in myself and what I was doing.

I decided I wanted to scream from the rooftops about how much fitness and healthy/clean eating can change you even after years of not necessarily making the best food choices.

I qualified early 2014 as a level 2 fitness Instructor, level 3 Personal trainer also qualifying in teaching Kettlebells, Circuits,Spinning,Pt pad work (boxing) and Suspension training, I have also gone on to become a Weightloss Specialist and Corrective Exercise Specialist. Currently I am studying level 3 Exercise Referral Specialist, Level 4 Exercise and Nutritional Interventions for Obesity and Diabetes, and finally Advanced Clinical Weightloss Practitioner – the learning is endless, but oh how I’m  enjoying it and itching to educate more people.

My aim is to take this friendly, warm and caring business into every home in the North East …

**UPDATE**…. after a whirlwind of a year  2013/2014 we are expanding ……. the company has gone from one person running classes in various community rooms to 6 staff working mainly from our amazing unit in Throckley (Newcastle upon Tyne) and a few classes still remaining in the brilliant West Denton Association Dance Studio to allow for more classes ! We have Clare Peet, Clare Anderson, Lucy Phillips and Sam Howe – our amazing instructors running our fabulous classes and the lovely Maria who heads up everything Marketing/Promoting/staffing/administration…… a lady of many talents, just pop along to one of the classes or call 07969 962404 for more info !

Transform your shape in 7 easy steps!

1- If you don’t snooze – You wont lose ……the majority of people just aren’t getting enough shut eye. One of the most important things to get right to aid weight loss and muscular development is ensuring you get enough sleep its where your body repairs and recovers. Feeling tired? As your body becomes fatigued and reduces its efficiency at burning fat you wont be seeing the best results from training.

2- Great posture is an immediate way to improve greatly the way you look AND your shape…. top tip …. stand up or sit up straight and draw belly button in – this will immediately add height and actually remove weight from your appearance. Pulling shoulder blades down and back will not only make your bust (sorry boys) have a couple inches lift but will increase your confidence and leave you feeling energised.

3- You don’t need a gym membership to exercise, 20 mins a day can help you lose weight and inches – we will be starting a walking/running club soon free of charge for anyone who feels they would like to get out in the fresh air and blow the cobwebs away – walking can increase metabolism and circulation in a short period of time. Contact sarah@evo-fitness.co.uk for more info

4- Before resting your weary head at night take 3-5 minutes to stretch tired achy muscles, hip flexors ( front of hips) hamstrings, chest and neck. tight muscles can effect how you look and feel. Stretching will encourage lovely long lean muscles AND improve the quality of your sleep.

5- Drink yourself slim – if you are dehydrated it will actively encourage water retention and subsequently results in bloating which can leave you feeling lethargic, puffy and swollen. Ensure you are drinking plenty of filtered water steadily throughout the day ( no fizzy, alcoholic or caffeine filled drinks)

6- take 5 minutes out of your day, away from work, home, kids etc to allow you to clear the cobwebs and press the reset button. Go for a walk or just take 5 to sit in a quiet corner close your eyes and think happy!

7- There is nothing fishy about this one. Increasing your intake of omega 3 is a quick way of looking and feeling amazing, great for hair, skin, energy and just about every function of our bodies its a natural anti-inflammatory that will help remove unwanted weight and leave you feeling full of vitality.

Lifting libidos ( and kettlebells)…… 9 foods to boost your libido

  • Dark Chocolate  – contains the chemical phenylethylamine, which is an endorphin. Its the same chemical released during exercise and boosts sex drive.
  • Watermelon – actually contains a unique chemical that increases nitric oxide, this dilates your blood vessels and increases blood flow, which is highly important for the libido.
  •  Celery – this causes increase in hormone called androsterone, which has been shown to attract women and is secreted in male perspiration. (one for the men)
  • Bananas – the enzyme bromelain is high in bananas and increases libido.
  • Salmon – one of the best food sources of omega 3 fatty acids. This will increase levels of neurotransmitter dopamine, which stimulates desire.
  • Pumpkin – Well the seeds, are great source of zinc, you need zinc to make testosterone, which stimulates the sex drive in females
  • Asparagus – this is rich in folate, a B vitamin that your body needs to make histamine, which improves the female orgasm ( kettlebells is supposed to improve the orgasm too )
  • Almonds –  very high in zinc and amino acids help to sustain ( great for the men)
  • Artichokes –  these were used by the Ancient Romans as an aphrodisiac. they are rich in magnesium – used to make sex hormones !!!